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Custom keycaps are all the rage in the mechanical keyboard community. They allow you to personalize your keyboard with unique colors, materials, legends, novelties, and more. Finding that perfect custom keycap set to match your keyboard and style can be a fun creative endeavor. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 methods for generating cool custom keycap design ideas to make your mechanical keyboard truly your own.

Method 1: Browse Keycap Designer Profiles

Many talented keycap designers share their portfolios online. Browsing sites like Instagram and Reddit can unveil beautiful keycap colorways and novelties. Discover designers that mesh with your aesthetic tastes. Follow them to get notifications when they release new designs or take commissions. This can provide direct inspiration for your ideal custom keycap look.

Method 2: Look at Group Buy Lists

Group buys offer limited run keycap sets crowdsourced from community interest. Aggregator sites like KeycapLendar compile active and upcoming group buys across the web. Skim through the many diverse themes and artisans listed. Make note of popular styles as well as unique designs that catch your eye.

Method 3: Take Inspiration from Your Interests

Hobbies, favorite shows, personal travels, and cultural heritage can all inspire custom keycap ideas. For example anime fans might choose colorful novelties from their favorite series. A travel buff could use destination photos on artisan keys. Elements from your own background like favorite foods, plants, animals, etc. can make for original designs.

Method 4: Match Your Keyboard and Setup

Keycaps can complement or contrast your keyboard colors and materials. For example, minimalist white keycaps pair well with a black keyboard case. Vibrant keycaps stand out nicely on neutral keyboards. You can also match keycaps to your desk theme. Like blue and pink keycaps for a vaporwave aesthetic. Take photos of your setup to visualize different keycap looks.

Method 5: Mod Popular Keycap Sets

Take an existing keycap set you like and imagine custom modifications. Some ideas are changing colors, adding novelties, designing a matching deskmat, creating alternate colorways, or mixing and matching from multiple sets. Use photo editing software to mockup your ideas before making them real.

Method 6: Remix and Combine Styles

Browse keycap inspiration and identify specific elements you like such as colors, fonts, novelties, materials, geometry, theme, etc. Compile these pieces from different sources into your own cohesive keycap concepts. This remixing and combining of styles allows endless creativity.

Method 7: Experiment with Colors

Colors make a huge impact on keycap design. Try various color palette generators and schemes like complementary, triadic, analogous, and monochromatic colors. Use color psychology to pick hues that convey desired moods like vibrant, soothing, energetic, or funky. Test colors digitally first before purchasing.

Method 8: Research Keycap Manufacturing

Understanding keycap manufacturing opens new possibilities to explore. Study the intricacies of materials like PBT vs ABS plastic, dye-sub vs doubleshot legends, resin casting, and CNC milling. Knowing the art of keycap creation helps spawn your own unique ideas. Connect with artisans to potentially produce your design.

Method 9: Attend Keycap Meetups

Keycap enthusiasts frequently gather at keyboard meetups and conventions. Attending these events lets you see incredible custom keyboards and keycaps in person, talk shop with designers, join group buys, and find collaborators. Surrounding yourself with fellow keycap devotees fuels inspiration.

Method 10: Keep an Inspiration Notebook

As you research keycaps keep a notebook of specific ideas, inspirations, color swatches, sketches, etc. Jot down cool designs you see. Doodle concept art. Write down ideas as they come to you. These notes can be invaluable when actually designing your custom keycaps so you remember all those sparks of inspiration.


Custom designing your own mechanical keyboard keycaps provides an enjoyable creative outlet. Implement some of these methods to get those keycap ideas flowing. Always keep an open mind and find inspiration everywhere around you. The keyboard community eagerly awaits to see your unique keycap designs come to life!

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