Wednesday, November 29
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Envision a world where solar energy is widely available, and your company can use it to cut down on electricity costs and help build a better tomorrow. This goal is doable, and the practical and innovative answer it represents is gaining widespread attention in the business world. After 15 months of having solar panels installed at his auto repair shop, the owner reflects on his impressions and lessons learned in a new video. Benefits, planning factors, financial insights, and more are all brought into sharp focus during this informative excursion into the world of solar system installation.

Most people think that installing solar panel for home or workplace is just does not worth it. So, here we are to explore the fact and reality of solar panel system with the live example. With more than a year of experience, our solar consumer discusses his thoughts and lessons learned after installing a 7kW On Grid Solar System.

Meet Satish Shinde, the owner of the Shree Sai Service. He owns this multi car service station in Jalgaon (Maharashtra). He has installed a Solar Panel System to reduce his workshop electricity bill. When our YouTube personnel Nishi Chandra visited him about his solar panel set up then he told us that his monthly electricity bill was around 14000 to 15000 INR before installing the solar panel system. But after installing the solar panel set up on the roof top of his workshop, the bills is heavily reduced to just 250-300 INR per month which is just even the charges not the exact bill. It means Satish has totally eliminated the electricity bill with the help of his solar panel system. 

Not only this, but in between the interview, Satish shares that before installing the solar panels he used to have the anxiety of too much electricity bill. Usually, we do not turn the fan or light off even there is no need but if someone has a big workshop like Satish has, then having the anxiety of electricity bills is reasonable. But in the current situation, the scene has totally reversed. Satish said after installing the solar panels to his workshop, the fear of waste of electricity is totally gone.

Let’s check out the video: –

Unlocking the Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

This video delves into the many benefits of installing solar panels. Solar energy’s positive effects on the environment go beyond the savings on monthly electricity costs. It also serves as a reliable and consistent power supply, protecting businesses from the ebb and flow of conventional energy prices. Businesses may help solve the world’s energy problems by installing solar panels.

Planning Your Solar Installation

The video’s in-depth look at solar installation planning is one of its best features. Learn how to calculate how large of a solar system you’ll need depending on your energy consumption, how many of your appliances can run on solar power, and how to organize your time and resources for the installation process. These measures ensure that businesses can take full advantage of solar electricity when the time comes to make the switch.

Investment Insights: Solar Energy as a Financial Asset

The solar consumer Satish Shinde talks about his personal experience with the cost of a 7 kilowatt solar array. The rewards over the long run are much greater than the original outlay. Businesses who are thinking about making the switch to solar energy will find the video’s realistic view on the approximate investment for such a system to be extremely helpful.

Choosing the Right Solar Panels

The success of a solar energy system hinges on the choice of solar panels. The video provides an overview of the high-efficiency SHARK 440W Bifacial Solar Panel. Having used these panels themselves, the customer can attest to their efficiency in generating solar energy and the value of using high-quality parts.

Net Metering and Loan Process

The net metering method, which allows companies to obtain credit for surplus energy produced by their solar panels and fed back into the grid, is also explained. This method not only encourages less wasteful use of energy, but it also has monetary advantages. Businesses interested in investing in sustainable solutions will appreciate that the video discusses finance options, making solar energy even more accessible.

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Components of a Successful Solar Installation

The 14 SHARK 440W Bifacial Solar Panels, 10kW Grid Connected Solar Inverter, and custom-built balancing system make up the bulk of the 7kW On Grid Solar System. Businesses may make the most of the sun’s power with the help of these parts, which work together to efficiently gather, process, and distribute solar energy.


In conclusion, the lessons learned along the way in this video serve as a thorough and informative manual for tapping into the potential of solar energy for commercial purposes. Businesses may begin their journey toward the cheapest energy rates, environmental sustainability, and a brighter future powered by the sun with careful planning, investment, and component selection. The benefits of installing solar panels go far beyond the monetary, as the solar enthusiast’s story shows; they ultimately lead to a more robust and conscientious business operation.

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